• Who are AYR?

    AYR is a start up owned by the founders Ian Murison and Kaveh Memari and a consortium of global investors.

  • How is AYR different?

    AYR has been designed and engineered by ex smokers, to help smokers change their relationship with nicotine.

  • Who is AYR for?

    AYR is for adult smokers who want to change their relationship with tobacco and nicotine at their own pace. At AYR, we are committed to responsibly marketing our products only to an adult audience.

  • Will I have to download the app to use AYR?

    It is possible to use the device without the app, however to monitor and track your progress you will need to download it

  • What phone models are compatible with AYR app?

    Both Android and iPhones are compatible with the AYR app

  • Why do I set goals on the app?

    We want to help you on your journey. Whether your goal is to eliminate smoking cigarettes or to reduce your nicotine consumption, the app will help you track your usage against your goals.

  • How safe is vaping compared to cigarettes?

    "We always recommend being an informed consumer when it comes to your own health. Public Health England have gone on the record stating: ""E-Cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes. And, when supported by a smoking cessation service, can help most smokers quit tobacco altogether"""

  • Will AYR pods contain nicotine?

    AYR will offer three different strengths of nicotine levels ranging from 20 ml/ mg to 0, which gives you the choice for when you are ready to reduce to quit

  • When will AYR launch?

    We plan to launch AYR in the UK in the first half of 2021.

  • Where will I be able to purchase AYR?

    You will be able to puchase the AYR system and capsules on our website. We are currently liaising with retailers on defining our retail network.

  • Which countries will AYR be available in?

    We will launch solely to the UK market in 2021, but there are plans to expand our international reach

  • Where can I find out more about AYR?

    We recommend you sign up to updates by registering your details on our home page